Idea™ – Audio Messages from the Cloud

SaaS™ is designed as ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS), so your software is always up to date.

Technical Requirements™ – your corporate streaming service – works with any other sound equipment. Handling™ is easiest with the Barix network player.™


Better Access to Your Customers™ manages your targeted acoustic sales information. You communicate precisely according to your corporate identity. In every single shop.

Advertise Your Own Products And Third-Party Brands™ helps you advertise the products of your choice. Promotion for third-party products can generate additional revenue.

Flexible Management™ enables both long and short term planning of your sales promotion. Even last minute announcements are easily transmitted.

Centralized Control

The™ system coordinates your acoustic customer information into one, several or all your shops according to your needs.

Add-On to Existing Solution™ works as a standalone solution as well in combination with your existing audio installation. You only pay for the services you use.

Expandable to an Integrated System

Combined with™, our music service,™ is expandable to an integrated instore radio station.™

Modular Concept for Maximum Flexibility™ is a modular concept that works as a standalone solution and is compatible with any existing sound system connected to the Internet.™ Software

Operating from the Cloud,™ enables flexible planning and centralized management of your acoustic sales information. Managing the system is easy, even via smartphone. Thus™ enables last minute announcements. To make sure perishable goods are sold and do not end up as waste. You get maximum responsiveness.

Here’s how it works: integrate your announcement into the™ Scheduler, define the shops and the periodicity you want the message to be listened to and set the start/expiry date/time.™ is designed as ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS). So your software is always up to date.™ Add-on

Select one or more of™ add-ons according to your needs.

Connecting™ to Your Sound System™ works with any other sound equipment connected to the internet but easiest with a Barix network receiver, SonoS wireless music system, Smartphone or Tablet.
Already have a music service?™ works in combination with any sound installation.

Producing Your Announcements

We are happy to advise you about the type of announcements that work best for you.
Whether you want to boost an existing campaign or need simple and standardized announcements our network of professional producers will help you.™ Marketing™ helps you advertise the products of your choice. Promotion for third-party products generates additional revenue. Your suppliers are becoming a new market for your company and help you refinance your in store promotion.

You enter a new dimension of your business and manage the acoustic space in your outlets. We can help you in marketing your acoustic potential.


The handling of™ is extremely user friendly. Before starting to work with™ you will receive a training session.

Would you like to outsource the™ management? We are happy to handle it for you according to your needs.

Music™ is the efficient basic service for your acoustic in-store communication.

With™ we also provide the music service – customized for your brand – for the most pleasant atmosphere in your stores.

The combination of and refines your announcements and your instore music to a fully integrated instore radio station.

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